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A glimpse into the future

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The Mercedes-Benz F 015

Mercedes-Benz inferred the term “modern luxury” into a concept car they called “Luxury in motion”. The luxury in motion raises relief and comfort to another level by offering a gracious space on the inside. This groundbreaking concept screams “mobility revolution”, and the innovative appearance explains that. People have a growing desire to omit the hectic pace and concentrate on their wellbeing, the F 015’s technology is perfectly consistent. The car takes control from the driver in conditions where driving isn’t much fun, for example, slow traffic. The luxury in motion is described as a digital living space; passengers are able to interact intuitively with the connected vehicle with hand gestures or by touching the screens. The F 015 is able to cover immense distance purely on electric power because of the electric hybrid system. This amazing system has a total range of 1,100km in addition to approximately 200km of battery- powered dynamic and 900km on pure electricity.

The F 015 Luxury in Motion is connected with its surroundings both visually and acoustically. 2030 here we come! You can read more about the Mercedes-Benz Luxury in motion here:

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The BMW i8

BMW is set to release a concept car stating that it is the most progressive sports car ever, a vehicle that fascinates with innovative “LifeDrive” architecture and ground-breaking material. BMW’s Vision concept showed what a technology leader directed fully toward energy saving looks like. The i8 characterizes with a plug-in hybrid system with the appearance and the breathtaking performance of a sports car. Combining BMW’s “eDrive” technology and a Twin Turbo 1.5-litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine we can witness the benefits of an electric motor and petrol engine that produce an outstanding driving experience. The i8 has a total range of 440km with the first 120km/h on purely electric power. This masterpiece can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 4.4 seconds having 250km/h as maximum speed. The BMW i8 has a high degree of connectivity. The facilities for navigation always select the most suitable route to your destination, acting as an extended arm. The technologically advanced “ConnectedDrive” aids the driver to stay attentive of what’s going on around him and to react properly in any given situation. And if problems occur, an extensive variety of interconnected services ensure that the passenger remains mobile at all times. The camera systems surrounding the car; front, back and on the sides with object detection offers supreme comfort and facilitate your driving experience. Projection strength adjusts automatically to the outer lighting conditions. The BMW revolutionized its car class and set the bar very high in its category. Read more about BMW’s i8 on:
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