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Looking for a brand new car? Rent one

It is a true dilemma when it comes to buying a new car. The struggle lies with your choice and you start asking yourself; what should I buy and why should I buy it?

You got your eye on that new car shining on the dealer’s lot. You are smarter than to just go in and let the salesperson talk you into buying it, so, you look at it on the web. Inevitably, the wagon is solid and got great reviews; it looks perfect and turns out that you can actually afford this piece of art. You worked yourself off all winter, and should get what you deserve. Any reasons not seal the deal? That is correct, a few reasons, truth to be told. Sure, it’s new, it has an attractive color, it is full option and it has everything you could wish for in a car. But what is stopping you from buying it? You tell yourself “I’ll take it for a spin, a test drive and I could take the decision immediately’ but can you? Is one test drive enough to prove that you will be comfortable driving this car for the next 4-5 years?

My thoughts; why not try it for a whole week. The company of course doesn’t give you that kind of privilege, but does a rental agency have any restraint over that? Renting your dream car for a week or two would give you the ultimate chance to fasten and ensure you decision making process. You would be testing its possibilities, see if it lives up to your expectations. And if it does.. Consider that you have got yourself a new car. Rent the car; make sure that you’re making the right choice.

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