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Why not know?

The car rental industry all over the world makes $24 billion annually with approximately 1.857 million cars at 18.239 rental locations. Car rental isn’t as easy and straightforward as you think. Certain procedures need to be followed and processed before the trade happens. In Lebanon, the procedure is obvious yet inevitable. The driver is given a form to fill about his personal information. The driver’s license is a mandatory requirement for someone to rent a car.

After having all credentials agreed on and proved to be credible, the agency goes on by photo-proofing the car itself. In case of additional damage the agency settles the issue with the driver and the insurer. A certain amount of money is kept as a deposit (depending on the car). Finally, a contract is signed and the driver must keep the receipt of his payment. On the other hand in foreign countries the rules slightly differ. For example in America, 21 is the average age to rent a car and 25 for large cars and SUVs. Renting a car there is as simple as showing the driver’s license, reviewing the contract terms and last but not least checking and agreeing on the policy before crossing state or national boundaries.

Another topic to be tackled is insurance. As mentioned before, a deposit of 300$ is put as a franchise on each rental. In case of damage, the deposit would be used to repair the car. In rare cases where the damage cost exceeds the 300$, the insurer pays the fee. However, in places like Europe and South America, car rental agencies impose an extra fee on the price for insurance. As a final point, when returning the car, make sure to fill it with gas, clean out the inside of the car, bring it back to the agency on the agreed date and time, handover the keys and wait for your deposit.

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