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Have you ever been in that situation where you need to rent a car but have no idea what to rent? At mike rent a car, the possibilities are huge; different individuals can find different cars for different occasions. In other words, at mike rent a car the variety of options can live up to your demand. While choosing your car, you have to keep in mind that it has to appeal to you lifestyle, to who you are, a business man, a loose bachelor, a speed lover or even an adventurer who likes to take long road trips.   Mercedes-Benz recently released their brand new SUV; the GLE coupe. This wagon would make the perfect family car. Why? The new GLE is symbolized by it comfort on the inside. It can fit 3 adults in the back seats or up to 4 youngsters. The kids can enjoy enjoy listening to music either by USB port and AUX cord or even by Bluetooth. Let your kids listen to the music they like, whenever they like. The GLE is equipped with the most technologically advanced features to protect you and your family in case of a crash; seatbelts, 4 airbags, forward collision warning, blind spot monitoring in addition to the tracking device accessed digitally in case you get lost. What would make another great family car is the new Posche Masccan S, which also has all these amazing features. Plus, they’re both economically friendly, fuel wise. Whereas, if you are looking for the perfect car that suits you and your fiancé for a weekend getaway, or even a night to go out under the moonlight; the Mercedes E-class convertible should really be on your consideration list. The E is perfectly tailored with luxury and ripped in muscles. Its convertibility will allow you and your loved one to enjoy those summer vibes and cool winds. But, if you live the lifestyle of a prestigious business and successful entrepreneur you should definitely not settle for less than the Mercedes S-class or the Audi A8; they both have the style, they both have the leather seats and they both represent the perfect car that can live up to your lifestyle and allow you to drive with elegance. However if you’re enjoying the single life and looking for the car that matches your expectations, the Audi A4 is silent, swift and sporty. It is an exceedingly intellectual automobile with a 19-speaker audio system. Though if you’re a speed lover and looking for the extra rush in your car the Audi A5 convertible or the BMW 5 series would be your match. With their turbocharged engines and their 220 horsepower, their capacity will blow your mind. While for the road trip lovers and adventurers, mike rent a car provides you with the perfect getaway car for long distances and far destinations. The jeep wrangler 2015 has the most comfortable interior in its class in addition of the Uconnect system with navigation for you to reach all your destinations. Choose the car that fits you, represents you and gives you the highest comfort.
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