We are the first ISO 9001:2015 certified car rental agency in Lebanon because we demonstrate our ability to consistently provide the best products and services that meet customer requirements, and we aim always to enhance customer satisfaction. Our clients are number one, we don’t just treat you as passengers, but as clients who deserve only the best from us.

Daily and short term car rentals:

Mike Rent-A-Car provides comprehensive car-rental solutions. Whether you want to rent a small car, SUV, or a luxury sedan we offer competitively priced daily and weekly rentals.

Long term car leasing:

Get behind the wheel of a brand new car instead of buying a second-hand car, with the lowest upfront and monthly cost, and without having to worry about how much value your car will lose over time.

Our long term packages include:
– Full breakdown cover and all risk insurance
– Free maintenance and replacement vehicles
– Free registration
– No hidden charges
– free GPS tracking device to monitor your car
– Buyback option included after the lease term has ended

Moreover, If you’ve got your own business, and it’s VAT-registered, you can lease a car, keeping it off your balance sheet by deducting the cost from your profit, and reclaim the VAT.

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Free pick-up and drop off

We can drop off the car for you and pick it up to your desired location regardless of the time per day, and we will do it in a prompt and punctual way.
We take it too seriously; we even created a guarantee for it:
” If by any chance your car gets delivered late or unwashed, you will get an immediate discount on your rental.”

So, what are you waiting for? Order your car now either by booking online or by contacting our 24/7 reservation center on +961-71-100084.

Baby car seat

Because we care for the safety of your little ones, you can rent a car with a car seat that will fit an infant or a toddler, as well as booster seats for older children. Its rental fee is 7$/day, up to a maximum of 50$ per rental.

Fuel Options

You can choose one of two options which best suit your needs:

1st option: Pay in advance for a full tank of fuel and bring the car back empty, no credit nor refund will be given for unused fuel.

2nd option: Return the car with the same amount of fuel as when you first took it, if you bring the car back with a lesser amount of fuel, you’ll pay for a fuel service charge.

Chauffeur Service

Not only are all our drivers bilingual, extremely helpful, and very well-groomed. They are also very knowledgeable and always ready to give you recommendations and drive you to the best places across the country in an effort to guarantee you the best experience in Lebanon.
Our drivers’ charge a fair basic rate of 30$ for 8 hours per day, and an additional 20$ for any overtime that might occur.

Request your chauffeur service, by contacting our 24/7 reservation center on +961-71-100084.

Winter products

If you are planning to drive in snowy conditions or are taking your annual ski holiday, Mike Rent-A-Car wants to make your car rental experience easier, safer and more convenient. In addition to providing you with winter tyres, snow chains are an excellent choice to provide with an extra level of control when driving in a snowy weather for an additional cost of 10$/day.

Service Center & Road Assistance

Mike Rent-A-Car takes pride in overtaking routinely check-ups and maintenance for its cars along with conducting its own accident repairs in its service center facilities.
Our highly trained employees and mechanical experts are able to provide you with 24/7 road assistance, which makes them available one call away on our emergency hotline +961 3422744

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