1- The introduction is considered an integral part of this contract.

2- The second party leases from the first party a tourism car of the kind defined and mentioned in this contract according to the above-mentioned specifications, conditions, and the daily rental agreed upon during the contract period based on the request of the second party.

3- The car lessee or receiver bears full penal and civil responsibility towards any other party in the following cases: finding or seizing illegal material of any kind in the car, such as: weapons drugs, or counterfeit money. carrying legally wanted persons or conducting unethical behavior. The first party or the car owner is discharged from all of the above-mentioned.

4- The second party is not allowed to drive the rented car outside the Lebanese borders and territories. The lessee shall not lend or rent the car to a third party to drive, under the penalty of bearing full responsibility and being subject to legal pursuit, regarding all resulting damages, accidents. or risks. Further, the lessee is not allowed to use the rented car for carrying passengers or goods in exchange of transport charges if the lessee rents or lends the car and if is stolen or damaged, he is considered a partner in the circumstances that led to the accident and is considered as the perpetrator. He is therefore responsible for the amount resulting from the accident even if he has informed the company.

5- Should there be an occurrence of an emergency case such as a car accident, theft or should any similar act happen to the rented car. the lessee is bound to immediately notify the company’s administration or any of its branches within a period not exceeding one hour. The lessee shall also notify the car accident expert of the accident. if he does not do so, he shall bear all the expenses and charges.

6- The lessee shall inform the company’s administration if the wants the renew the contract for another specified period 24 hours before the expiry date of the contract or else the contract is automatically cancelled.

7- The lessee shall return the rented car to the company’s main office or any of its branches upon termination of this contract in its good condition as received without damaging or losing any of its Parts or accessories. The lessee is held responsible if the vehicle is impounded by the security authorities end shalt pay for the fines and rentals during the impounding period and the period for repairing the car due to an accident.

8- The lessee shall pay an amount of $300 if he loses or does not return the car registration papers or car keys.

9- If the insurance company covers the accident according to the signed agreement on page one, an amount ranging between $750 and $10.000 is deducted from the franchise (deposited amount). If the car is stolen or if It becomes invalid for use and repair, the lessee is responsible for 25% of the car price if the insurance company covers the accident. However, if the insurance company does not cover the car accident for any reason, the lessee is responsible for the whole amount resulting from the accident.

10- This contract is valid between the two parties and is effective according to the Lebanese laws and regulations. This contract is valid within the Lebanese borders and territories. The same applies for insurance policy attached with the contract.

11- The administration of the rental company reserves the right to void this contract and recover the car from the second party without any written prior notice and without referring to the judiciary. The administration also reserves the right to void the contract if the second party defaults any section or any article of this contract. The second party shall be responsible for all the resulting expenses losses, and damages. However, the company reserves its right of legal claim and pursuit if necessary.

12- Any additional clause to this contract is considered illegal and not effective if It were not written and agree upon, where the two parties ratify its content by singing it.

13- The renter agreed to pay all amounts or contract under applying section 658 from Lebanese penalty law.

14- That this agreement be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Lebanese government.

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